The Campus

2 minutes

North facing



A small but fun bouldering area. There are a number of semi-isolated blocks up to about 4m, with a main cave that has been the focus of development. As usual for new areas be wary of loose rock.


There is some evidence of previous climbing, but the cave was discovered and developed by Dave Hughes in 2014.


From the end of Busaco Rd in Marsfield follow the firetrail just left of the concrete drivewaydown to the high tension power tower. Find a gully 20 m directly downhill from the tower. turn left at the bottom and walk abother 20m or so to the obvious cave.

Plagiarism V0
The easiest way to the top Start off the block on the left side of the cave, step across, then up and right.
D. Hughes 2014
Chalk and Talk V4
The obvious left line through the cave. Starts with feet on the ledge at the back and two small underclings, then straight out and up to top.
D. Hughes 2014
Oppositional Defiance Disorder V6
Nothing but lip! Start as for Chalk and Talk but turn right and follow the lip of the cave all the way to an obvious jug on the headwall at the right end.
D. Hughes 2014
Year 12 V5
The right line through the main cave. Start at the back of the obvious flake, follow it to the lip, then swing out left to the hanging block and straight up to tricky mantle.
D Hughes 2014
Class clown V4
Not as much lip as ODD. Start as for Year 12 but turn right at the lip to finish as for ODD.
D. Hughes 2014
* Cut and paste V6
Start in the smaller right hand side of the cave on the jug at the back. Straight out to the first jug using any holds you can find on the way, then up the headwall staying left of the scoop.
D. Hughes 2014
Unnamed V1
Sit start under the arete about 5m right of the cave. Straight up, swinging to the right side as it gets tricky.
D. Hughes 2014