The Balkans



The Balkans is an extensive bouldering area in the Baulkham Hills. The rock is generally excellent, and there are problems at all grades. A back burn in 2012 has affected this crag.


This area is located within Bidjigal Reserve (formerly Excelsior Reserve) which is administered by Bidjigal Reserve Trust. As at January 2011 a Plan of Management was in preparation.

The Frontline

To get to the Frontline, find Larra Cr, North Rocks in the street directory. About 50m from its intersection with Mill Dr is a Fire Brigade trailer parked beside a long cement driveway. Park near here and follow the driveway down to its end. Turn left at the bottom then follow the obvious track right into the bush. About 50m down is the start of the crag. Faces west, so its good on summer mornings or winter afternoons.

The Swampland

Located under the Darling Mills Creek bridge on Renown Rd, Baulkham Hills. Although quite small, the crag is ridiculously steep, with a monster traverse and a couple of move up problems as well. To get there, park as for the Trenches, then walk down the road to the bridge. At the bridge walk left and down to the creek. The crag faces east, but because it is down in a gully it is probably cold in winter and quite pleasant throughout summer. It has some protection from the rain, but can seep a bit. Take insect repellent.

The Trenches

To get to the Trenches, find Renown Rd in Baulkham Hills in the street directory. Located on this road is the Baulkham Hills Sports Centre, opposite which is a carpark beside a set of soccer fields. Park here and walk directly away from Renown Rd between the soccer fields, down the bank and along an obvious track. About 50m into the bush the track hits a series of 4m cliffs and boulders that have formed a series of trenches (hence the name).

The Caves

To get to the Caves, find the Trenches then continue north (left facing out) for about 20m or so. Both the Trenches and the Caves face east, so are better on winter mornings or late summer afternoons.