Pearl Bay

Crag faces north

A bouldering area with some old climbs


A small crag located near the southern end of the Spit Bridge in Mosman. The cliff faces north, but apparently stays cool in summer due to the sea breeze and shade. All bolts will be crap, so either toprope, highball or get your drill blazing.


To get there, head north along Spit Rd, and take a left hand turn into Pearl Bay Ave (about halfway down the big hill). Park somewhere near number 28, and follow the "Fig Tree Walk" down to the bay. You can also park down near the rowing club, but you'll have to pay for the privilege. There's some good bouldering on the walls to the right (just back from the water), with an excellent flat grassy landing. About 100m to the left is a severely overhanging boulder with two classic V2 problems. The routes are all located between the two bouldering areas, up amongst the trees. The first five routes are located about 70m or so to the right from the overhanging boulder, up in the bush. Chuberoo couldn't be located. Climbs are described right to left (facing the cliff), starting where the track meets the bay.

Chubberoo 18 5m
Probably somewhere in the bush behind the dinghies. Up the grey coarse rock (BR) to the top (BB).
Julian McGee 1980s

The next five routes are located about 70m to the right of the overhanging boulder. The first two are up to the right of the fairly obvious black slab (which houses the remaining three).

Lemon Fresh 24+ 5m
Marked. Up orange rock (BR).
Julian McGee 1980s
A ? 5m
Just left of LF, below overhanging seam. Up the seam (2 BRs). In 1991 had not had an ascent.
Julian McGee 1980s
Hulio's Intrepid Exploits 20 10m
Marked, below the right hand side of the slab. Up (high BR) then veer right and up (missing BR) over bulge to top (tree belay).
Julian McGee 1980s
Convulsive Eggplant 26 10m
Marked, 1m left of HIE. Up, then dyno (manky FH). Mantle then step left and continue up and slighty right (manky BR) to top (tree belay). Not known to have been repeated.
Julian McGee 1980s
Rumpole 17 9m
Marked, 1m left of CE. Up. Both bolts look like rusty, oversize roofing nails, and the first has two rusty chain links on it. Take care!