Nielsen Park

5 minutes

Crag faces east and west



Excellent bouldering at either end of Shark Beach, located within Nielsen Park at Vaucluse.


Make your way to Greycliffe Ave in Vaucluse where you'll find an extensive car park next to Neilsen Park.

Let's Get Ready To Rumble!

The Neilson V2 (Hang)
With the beach to your back face the overhang. Start at the far right, take a good hold, put your toes in the honeycomb and you're ready to rumble. Make your way to the sandstone wall. Pumpy!
Brendon Allan Flanagan 2012
The Half Neilson V2 (Hang)
Start as for TN. Traverse halfway along to the last overhanging flake and top out.
Brendon Allan Flanagan 2012
The Half Neilson Direct V2 (Hang)
Start at the far left of the deep scoop. Jump start, toes to the honeycomb then as for THN.
Brendon Allan Flanagan 2012
* Gazzoni V1-2 (Hang)
Start as for TN. Throw your left toe into the scoops exit then top out onto the ledge. If you're bouldering by yourself ensure you place your crash pad so it's between the crux and THND. It's an awkward drop to the ground and there may not be random kids running by to pull it across for you.
Brendon Allan Flanagan 2012
The Clawhold V1 (Highball, Stand)
Facing the back of the main boulder, start on the far left corner of the slab. Top out at the buldge. Dangerous chos up top which needs more traffic to clean up. Either top out and exit beach side or slowly down climb (a good spotter is recommended).
Brendon Allan Flanagan 2012
The Whizzer V0 (Stand)
At the back of the sandstone pillar, start at the quarried incuts. Make your way up and tend right. Finish by tapping out on top with a view of the beach. Some hollow knocks on this problem, use caution when committing to the mid way holds.
Brendon Allan Flanagan 2012

Ring Side