Nature Track Cliffs


These cliffs are on the Wambelong Nature Track near Canyon Camp.

Climbs are described from north to south.

Amazon 11 30m
L-sloping crack filled with vines.
John McKenna, Graeme Bowden 1-91
Custodian 13 35m
Start 10m R of Yellow Terror. Gully and cracks past vines higher up.
Greg Croft, Dan Croft 10-2-91
Yellow Terror 18 40m
Start in alcove marked "YT". Rotten-looking, yellow wall and crack for 10m. Traverse 8m R to avoid roof, then up. A less interesting direct start goes up arete.
Graeme Bowden, John McKenna 3-2-91
Iron Cross 18 20m
Start 5m L of YT; marked. Thin finger-crack.
Graeme Bowden, John McKenna 3-2-91
Reflections 17 15m
Start on small cliff on S side of creek, about 200m from IC, near boulder in creek-crossing. Crack, tending to off-width in places.
Greg Croft, Jeremy Judd 17-2-91
Leaning Love 19 15m
Fingery crack 2m R of Reflections.
Graeme Bowden, John McKenna 17-2-91