Mt Naman


Located somewhat north of Tonduron, this peak is virtually surrounded by cliff but is best on its south and east sides. There is excellent potential on good rock and the best access is via Tunderbrine Creek. The only two routes so far are on the east face which rises with some overhangs to 120 metres.

Staccato 14M0 108m
START: Beneath the yellow overhangs. Scramble left and up to an obvious tree below the overhangs. 1. 33m. Left, obvious, battle thro' bush then right to tree. 2. 21m. Left and up crack-corner on doubtful holds. Right to bolt. 3. 24m. Through figtree to open, rotten chimney. Bolt. 4. 30m. Right, swing around corner using aid-bolt. Fine slab finish.
Bryden Allen/Bill Crowle Oct' 1964
Plimsole 14 96m
Varied rock quality but good to finish START. At right-hand edge of the left face slabs. Why the easy angle? It soon becomes apparent - any steeper and it would all fall down! 1. 35m. Some jamming to reach top of pinnacle. 2. 9m. Traverse left to tree. 3. 24m (crux). Up on left rib, bad rock which does improve. 4. 30m. Easily to right.
J. Pettigrew/A. Rhomus/D. Owen/S. Boyd, about 1963