Crag faces south west


A series of small bouldering walls and caves located in Holloway Park on the eastern side of Greenwich, at the headwaters of Gore Cove. Because the cliffs face predominantly east and are down in a gully, they're quite shady and cool on summer's afternoons (bring along some insect repellent). Of course this also means that they tend to be damp and cold during winter.


To get to the crag by car, park at the end of Vista St, Greenwich. Walk past the sign and down the stone steps for about 25m. The harder section is accessed via the faint track heading off to the right and into the jungle. Once you're in under the canopy (at the suspended concrete covered pipe), the bouldering is to the right, in the low cave and on the upper wall. To get to the crag by public transport, catch a train to Wollstonecraft station, and walk north until you reach Smoothey Park. Head left and down to the creek and follow the track back south for about 5 minutes. As you're walking down, keep an eye up to the right, just before you cross to the left hand side of the creek. At this point there's a cave visible high up to the right, just below some houses. Definitely don't boulder directly off the end of Vista St just below the house, there have been some access issues in the past and you'll wreck future access for everybody!

Mega Mantle V3 (SDS)
Back of small low cave out and top with anything.
Hyper Mantle V5 (SDS)
Same as Mega mantle but only with the small black sloper.
Stacks of lovely easy problems V0-5

Upper Level

Project 1
From miniscule edges (a & b) leap to the top (c)
Jetee Knight V8
Start on left undercling (a) and small right crimp (b). Up right to better crimp (c) to slope (d) with your left and top (e).
Hope on a Slope SDS Traverse V7
Start matched on sidepull/gaston (a & b), then underclings (c & d) to slope up right (e) and top (f).
Hope on a Slope V7
Start matched on undercling (a), up right to slope (b) and top (c).

Lower Level

Various problems V1-5
Swing Thing V9
Start matched on triangular edge (a), up left to three finger slope (b) then grab the top (c). DON'T jump start!
Project 2
Project 3
Greenwich Time V3 (SDS)
Straight up starting on small edges.
Project 4