Gordon's Bay

Crag faces south



There's quite a bit of rock visible on the northern side of Gordon's Bay (between Clovelly and Coogee Beaches). While a lot of it is chossy or dirty, there's some good bouldering to be had around the big sandy offwidth chimney (marked with a large cross). To the left of the chimney is a pleasant ironstone slab and there's some good problems on the blocky tower to the right. Down at the waterline in front of the tower there's also an interesting traverse.


To get there, head to the Clovelly Beach carpark and head as far right as you can (you'll eventually get to a Gordon's Bay sign). If it's low tide, follow the cement scuba diver's path until it enters the water then continue to rock hop under the cliff. At high tide you'll have to follow the higher cliff top track around to the bay and walk back in from the other end.