Glenbrook Gorge

Mostly in the sun


This 120 metre high, sandstone cliff is on the southeastern side of the gorge which has been cut by Glenbrook Creek. The first impression is broken up, chossy rock but closer inspection reveals climbs of reasonable quality, threading their way through the yellow rubbish. The climbing is centred on the better quality rock around Annelid Crack. There is an extensive 'practice' area, up to 8 metres high, with climbs of various grades, on the lowest southern section of the cliff. There is also some good bouldering about the blocks below Annelid Crack. It is a cliff that can be climbed during winter when it is too cold, windy, or wet, in the higher mountains, or in summer, if the party enjoys a swim between climbs or an 'Esky' lunch in pleasant surrounds. The drinking quality of the creek water is very suspect. Many of the climbs need two ropes to facilitate abseiling off the tops, it is possible to walk off the top of the cliff, but it is a long walk. N.B. Some of the bolts are very old. Few are stainless steel. Treat all fixed protection with caution. The course grained sandstone generally does not provide adequate placement for small wires. This sometimes leads to long runouts on somewhat suspect rock, thus extreme caution is needed when climbing many of the routes. Helmets are strongly recommended - both for incidental rockfall and for some protection against the thoughtlessness of some visitors at the lookout above the climbing area.


The first recorded visit of climbers to the area was in the early 1950s. As was common in those days, these visitors were bushwalkers who had added rockclimbing to their recreational activities. Routes like Orion, Southern Cross and Annelid Crack were typical of the period - obvious lines with limited protection but shorter pitches. The more active climbers in the fifties were Russ Kippax, Enn Truupold, Kevin Westren and Dave Roots. The plaque below Jack Murphy's Climb is in remembrance of Jack who was a keen climber of that period, but died in an abseiling accident near the route that now bears his name. A new crop of young tigers in the 1970s, most of them local residents, attacked the remaining virgin rock with gusto. The more obvious lines (cracks?) quickly succumbed. With growing confidence (and modern equipment), the lads launched themselves at the walls and the technical/harder problems. The most active 'new route ascentionists' were Tom Williams, Bruce Cameron, Will, Frank Steve and Brad Moon. The first guide to the area was in Bryden Allen's 'Guide to the Rockclimbs in NSW', produced in the early 1960s. An 'Interim Guide Book', devoted solely to Glenbrook, was produced in the mid 1980s, the final edition being produced in 1993. The 'Rockclimbs in the Lower Blue Mountains' guidebook (released 1994) included Glenbrook along with many other crags in the Lower Blue Mountains and Colo River Valley. NOTE: In 1952 Russ Kippax named his crack climb Annelid Crack. Bryden incorrectly named it Kippax Crack in his guide book. This guide will use the climb's original/correct name.


The cliff is located in the eastern portion of the Blue Mountains National Park. Turn south off the Great Western Highway at the Glenbrook Ampol Service Station, then follow Ross Street, till the railway is reached. Turn left out of Ross Street and follow the railway, crossing the bridge, and on to the Park Visitor Information Centre (closed), where there is a car parking area. The walking track commences in the southeast corner of the car park. Follow this, first in a south-easterly direction, down to the river. Continue downstream to the cliff. The walk takes about 10 to 15 minutes from the car park. For train travellers, alight at Glenbrook Station and turn right past the telephone box. Follow the road to the Park.

Main (Middle) Cliff

Pigs Bladder 17 25m
At the very left end of the main area/cliff, short grey and orange wall at middle of large rock platform, with broken blocks at start. Up wall, BR.
T Williams 1985
Twin Crack 15 45m
The crack system left of broken rock at right end of elevated rock platform. The twin cracks can be seen. Some reasonable crack climbing. Up line of weakness, gain twin cracks, easier ground to nut belay.
B Cameron, W Moon 1979
Orion 7 45m
60m left of Jack Murphy's Climb.
E Truupold 1952
Wokkers Roof 24 15m
Obvious jamb crack through roof overhanging creek just down from Master Blaster Wall. North facing orange rock. Hand jamb to lip and leg jamb past off-width. Abseil from tree.
W Baird 1984
Stone Mason 16 20m
Directly below MB, at a point on walker's track where it is necessary to climb to higher ledge, directly behind grass tussocks. Up wall with BR and good SLCD runners. Belay on ledge.
W Moon, B Cameron, P Chalkley 1984-12
The Abyss and I 20 40m
Start on left edge of ledge below Master Blaster Wall, on orange rock. Spectacular exposure. 1. 17m Up to traverse line, left above overhangs to PR. Poorly protected 2. 23m Left toward arete, up to AC, onto slab to top.
P1. T Williams, F Moon Jan 1984, P2. T Williams, P Matysek 1984
Master Blaster 18 50m
Twin water-streaked black wall with large turpentine tree at middle of base ledge, start 2m left of tree, directly below triangular orange patch. Good route up impressive black wall. Long leadouts with minimum protection makes it a serious lead. Up wall to groove, left to line of holds, to detached block then to break, right to water streak (crux). SLCDs needed.
W Moon, F Moon 1980
Master Blaster DS 18 50m
Up short overhanging groove to PR, join MB.
W Moon, R McMahon, N Smith 1982
Past Masters 18 50m
As for MB to horizontal break. No protection, exposed. Good climbing. Left and up thin wall/slab.
W Moon, B Moon 1982
Jack Murphy's Climb 12 65m
Obvious black corner right of MB, just left of plaque. Left of two large Bloodwoods halfway up right wall. An old style climb. 1,2,3,4. Up corner system, belay as you will.
R Kippax, D Roots, T McIntee 1956
Black Jack 18 M0 30m
Just right of Jack Murphy's Climb, just left of orange streak. Steep and exposed. Protection down low is inadequate. A serious and dangerous lead. Up rotten corner, right to ramp, use BR as hand hold, leave ramp to good black rock and 3 BRs to small chain belay at ledge. Abseil off tree.
B Cameron, F Moon 1993-11
Tom Foolery 10 15m
A few metres left of TV. A short wander. Up black wall then left to tree.
B Cameron, T Williams 1981
The Venom 22 100m
Seam at right hand end of black wall that is behind jumble of large black blocks which are about 8 metres above creek level. One of the longest and most sustained climbs in the Gorge. 1. 40m Up black seam to blocks, up BR, continue then left, BB. 2. 20m Up nose to left, traverse left BR to ledge. 3. 30m Up seam and wall (crux), belay on ledge to right. NB There is no anchor on this ledge. 4. 15m Up wall to cave, swing out via roof.
B Cameron, W Moon, F Moon 1986-04
Blank Mank 18 100m
Corner 5m right of TV, immediately below a pair of Angophoras. A fair climb following the longest natural line on the cliff. 1. 10m Up roof. 2. 20m Up to roof, along roof to alcove, into layback corner, up right to ledge. 3. 20m Follow easiest line heading to base of black chimney. Belay. 4. 40m Into chimney/crack, good exposed climbing to top. 5. 10m Broken rock to top.
FA: B Cameron, T Williams 1980, FFA: T Williams 1983
Higgins Effort 12 100m
The scrubby line of recesses between Jack Murphy's Climb and Southern Cross. Bryden Allen described it as 'the longest, hardest and takes the best line in the Gorge, the rock however is appalling and the climb unpleasant in the extreme'.
R Higgins, Members of UNSWBC 1962

To reach the next series of climbs, continue downstream about 75 metres beyond Annelid Crack, then right up through bush/gully to base of rock.

East of Eden 19 30m
As for JIH. Subtle line with good position. Up past BR, left to PR, continue left to base of grooves and up to ledge. Abseil off as per PP.
T Williams, W Moon 1984-09
Jerks in Heaven 19 25m
Arete between P and PP. Start off fused pedestal which is on ledge above track. A good climb, but not much protection. Up past BR, arrange protection in corner of P then continue up blunt arete. Big SLCD desirable.
T Williams, B Cameron 1984-01
Paradise 17 25m
Direct start is to the left, a thin crack about 17. An enjoyable climb but not much protection down low. Up as for PPR for 5m then left via small bulge to corner, then to black wall, straight up to FH (crux) and on to DBB.
B Cameron, M Chapman 1982-06
Puddin Puller 18 25m
Left corner in squarish gully that has a Bloodwood at top of middle or rear wall of gully. Scramble/climb to top of fused pedestal. An excellent climb up steep crack and corner. Poor protection at start. Right to thin crack/bulge, up to join twin thin cracks, up corner to tree belay.
B Cameron, R McMahon 1980
Fiddle 18 20m
Several metres to right of PP. Nice down low. Up slab to BR, thin flake to join SC at 'V' roof.
B Cameron, F Moon 1986-05
Southern Cross 10 38m
Obvious 'V' chimney in right of squarish gully. Does not impress. Up to pipe, out, over and up.
E Truupold, Others 1952
Bonk 18 35m
Thin cracks and steps around right of SC. Harder than it looks. Limited protection. Up the steps, limited protection.
W Moon, B Cameron 1982-06
Arc of a Diver 21 35m
Reddish/orange flake 10m left of KC. A thin Bloodwood is at its base. Exciting, hard finish. Up steep crack to ledge. Continue up right curving flake, traverse right under roof to KC.
T Williams, B Cameron, F Moon 1982-04
Abra Cadaver 22 25m
2m right of AOAD. Intimidating. Up to ledge. Continue up wall just right of flake (AoaD) to roof. Across roof (PR) and up wall. Tree belay.
T Williams, F Moon 1982-11
Comes a Time 17 30m
Thinnish crack a few metres left of KC. A PR can be seen about 4 metres up. Reasonable. Up crack, over huge loose block, right up wall passing 3 BRs to join KC.
B Cameron, F Moon 1982-06
Kevin's Corner 15 40m
Obvious corner in black rock, with a ground level roof immediately to the right. A she-oak is at the base of the corner. Enjoyable climbing. A hard start. Up the corner.
Unknown 1959?
Kevin's Wall 12 40m
Crack and wall climb. Up KC for 5m, traverse right onto wall, up as you will.
K Westren, Unknown others 1959
Good Old Days 21 25m
A few metres right of KC. Hard. Good wall and roof. 1. 10m Up wall, BR, to ledge. 2. 15m Out through cave/roof, past BR, up seam, BR, to belay.
B Cameron, W Moon 1986-03
Fleet Street 19 10m
The nose left of DC. Some hard moves. Straight up, FH, BR.
T Williams, C Munday 1982-07
Dispute Chimney 14 25m
Obvious 'V' leftward arching chimney, between AC and KC. Immediately behind belay tree for SMU. A good route. Straight up, you can belay at BR, or climb on up left crack.
Claimed by many
Into the Void 22 15m
Cut away roof just left of pitch 2 of AC. Airy and gymnastic. Swing out past BR and PR on thin holds onto arete. Up (poor BR) to BB.
S Moon 1983
Annelid Crack 11 40m
Marked. Right facing corner below PM crack near right end of large boulders. The most obvious line on the cliff. A true classic. Incorrectly referred to as "Kippax Crack" in some early guides. 1. 10m Up corner to ledge. Left to main corner. 2. 25m Up the corner/crack, BR, left at top to tree. Abseil off.
R Kippax, D Rostrum 1952

Annelid Crack takes the shaded right-facing corner on the left.

The next six climbs start from the BR on AC.

Conjugation Ledge 13 25m
A fine little excursion in the old style. 1. 15m From BR, drop down around arete to ledge then along to start of pitch 2 of DC. 2. 10m As for P2 of PC.
W Moon, G Robbins 1979
Pioneers Crack 14 15m
A good alternative to AC. Left to old BR, up thin corner to bulge, to tree belay.
Unknown 1950s
Pioneers Arete 14 15m
Fair climbing, needs a bolt (unprotected). Across to arete left of PC, and up.
W Moon, B Cameron 1978
Pigs on the Wing 15 25m
Good fun. Thin for the grade. From bolt, up left 5m to finger traverse at 3/4 height, BR, up to tree.
W Moon, P Chalkley, B Moon 1982
Kippax Slab 19 25m
Very nice. From BR, climb down to start wall on right, up wall/slab passing 3 BRs to chain belay.
R Le Breton, M Klien 1987
El Gorge 16 45m
An old aid route. Good climbing in an exposed position. From BR climb down to join horizontal crack. Traverse right past PR to join PM, up crack to belay.
FA: F Moon, B Cameron 1979, FFA: C Bennet, R Le Breton, A Mason 1985
Pusskins 20 25m
4 metres right of start of P2 of AC. A solid wall climb, poorly protected. Straight up wall (PR). Range of SLCD's needed.
T Williams, B Cameron 1982
Purple Maze 15 45m
The obvious crack right of AC. Start at root on shale ledge below crack. Up crack, BR down low.
W Moon, B Moon 1982
Infra Dig 23 38m
Good line with good climbing on wall right of Purple Maze crack. Up to overhang, right to PR, up to hard-to-clip BR on bulge, then right to ledge. Continue straight up wall past tricky mantleshelf move and 2 BRs. Tree belay.
T Williams, S Bunton 1984-09

The next series of climbs start from the ledge which starts about 20 metres right of start for AC. The ledge is about 18m above stream level.

Camoon Corner 17 35m
Right side of overhanging corner with huge white roof, immediately above recent rockfall! The middle of this climb is now on the river bed. Take care! 1. Up steep wall BR to 2 PR, right to arete. 2. Up corner (could be harder now with lower section missing).
F Moon, B Cameron 1982-04

Another climb, Camoon Traverse, was in this section, but nearly all of it is now on the river bed.

Top Secret 21 25m
A good route, fair protection. Up TD for 6m, traverse left for 2 to 3m (FH) to wall and up, passing 2 BRs and 1 PR.
B Cameron, W Moon 1985-09
Top Secret Direct Start 21 5m
2m left of TS.
W Moon, B Cameron 1986
Tangerine Dream 18 25m
In orange alcove about 15 metres right of CC. Rotten cave just left of start. Great climbing up an interesting line. Up alcove/crack, left around small roof (small wires needed) up good crack. Up nose/crack then left to black corner. Tree belay.
T Williams, B Cameron 1982
Cancer 14 20m
Start as for TD. An old style route following easy line. Up in cave/alcove, right to ledge, follow ramp/blocks to tree as for S. Abseil off tree.
D Roots, B Allen 1962
Cancer Variant 15 20m
Seam to the left of the ramp on C.
Rob LeBreton
Marathon Man 14 100m+
A good afternoon jog. Up C then follow the buttress up obvious line to join Tunnel View Slot. Up walls left of slot.
W Moon, B Cameron 1988
Midnight Frightening 22 10m
Obvious thin crack through bulge/roof just right of TD. Strenuous and frightening. Just follow the crack.
W Moon, B Cameron 1986
Suspicions 19 25m
The direct start goes out of cave 10m right of TD (grade 19, 3 BRs). Originally only P2 was climbed by abseiling in. The upper section is pleasant. Up wall/cracks to tree.
B Cameron, T Williams 1981
Oobie Doobie 22 25m
Start as for SDS, or abseil in from tree. Hard moves near bolt, poor protection down low. Left to bullnose arete, belay. Up arete, BR.
B Cameron, T Williams 1987
Cruel Heart 19 30m
Start in cave/roof just left of R. A good line on good rock, though rock at start is poor. Through roof and then good crack.
T Williams, B Cameron 1981
Humdinger 16 30m
Start as for R. Varied and different, limited protection. Up ribs to roof BR, left via bulge.
B Cameron, W Moon, F Moon 1985
Ripsnorta 17 30m
Look for thin Casuarina tree that is up against rock. Deep red flake is behind top of this tree. Climb is directly under Tunnel View Lookout. One of the more popular routes in the Gorge. Varied climbing on good rock with good protection. Up short wall behind Casuarina tree, to flake, right to wall then corner and up over roof to tree. Abseil off tree.
T Williams, B Cameron 1981
The Bear 21 30m
Do P1 of Ripsnorta to base of corner. Some good climbing on clean rock. Up arete to ledge (use corner for protection), up wall BRs to top.
W Moon, B Cameron 1985
Wanton Winging 18 60m
A fine line flawed by sections of poor rock. 1. 25m As for Ripsnorta then right across ledge to tree. 2. 35m Up nice orange arete, through rubble then through roof.
T Williams, S McDowell 1981
Eric Bloodaxe 18 60m
"Like a drunken Viking, it could either do you in or fall down of its own accord." 1. 25m As for Ripsnorta. 2. 10m Right to flake and up to ledge. 3. 25m Up corner to unusual suspended block. Around this with care then right through roof and up to tree belay.
T Williams, L Closs 1981
Gormenghast 18 36m
5m right of Ripsnorta, immediately below Ripsnorta's upper corner. A strong line on left margin of buttress. 1. 12m Up to ledge, right to base of yellow corner. 2. 24m Up corner past block, swing left to belay as for Ripsnorta.
T Williams, S Moon 1981
Sepulchre Start to Gormenghast 18 10m
Loose roof just right of normal start of Gormenghast, rotten wall below. Not recommended! Up crack with extreme care.
T Williams, R McMahon 1982-05
Gunhilda 18 55m
Details vague but apparently goes through noxious roof 10m left of RR, then line obvious. Strong, independent line right of Eric Bloodaxe, with committing (unprotected) moves down low.
T Williams, A Teague 1982
Remote Reaches 18 45m
Thin corner with black and red roof, about 35 metres right of R. A fine line, could use more protection. 1 and 2. 35m Up to top of corner, diagonally right across black wall then trend left on poor rock past PR, some rope drag. Belay on loose ledge. 3. 10m Up steep cracks to top, obvious exit crack seen from ground.
T Williams, A Teague 1981
Sang Froid 21 50m
Thin corner just right of Turpentine tree, red streaks on black rock. Some good but committing moves on the corner. 1. 25m Up corner, left to large horizontal below black overlap and slab (large pro needed), on to slab and up to belay ledge. Obvious thin single tree. 2. 25m Up enjoyable flakes through steep rock
T Williams, S McDowell 1982
Summer of 81 16 17m
Crack at far right of cliff, about 25m right of RR. Some good moves. Up crack and cave, continue to tree.
F Moon, W Moon 1981

Lower Cliff

Lady Killer 21 10m
Marked corner crack in pale rock with roof, at water level. Originally an aid route. Out across roof, PR in situ.
FA: S Chambers, P Mende 1979, FFA: W Moon, B Cameron 1980
Three Cans Later 16 12m
Marked yellow corner with small roof at 6-7 metres, starts on a ledge. Completed after a liquid lunch. Corner, roof, wall to BB.
W Moon, F Moon, B Cameron 1979
Mephisto 22 12m
Steep and sustained, dirty. Up TCL a few metres to BR then right past BR and up.
S Moon, B Cameron 1984

The line just left of Start Me Up has been climbed, about grade 20. T Williams.

Start Me Up 19 12m
Around right from yellow wall, below yellow Bloodwood with bark worn by ropes. A popular route, steep. Up to thin breaks (small SLCD needed) to BR, up wall passing another 3 BRs.
B Cameron, W Moon, F Moon 1983-03
Controversy Corner 18 12m
Marked. Sharp corner directly below second pitch of AC behind three thin trees. Poor protection. Climb the line.
F Moon, B Cameron 1979
One Perfect Day 17 12m
On black wall just right of CC. Some good moves but no protection. Up from blocks then black wall, up centre.
B Cameron 1986-05
Hang Five 16 12m
Nice looking thin crack 3m right of CC, on top of small block behind two thin eucalypts. Not bad, a bit dirty. Up the crack.
Technical Torque 19 12m
Unprotected start, but then good climbing. Start at crack (Hang Five), move right 3m then up wall to thin crack (2 BRs) to BB.
B Cameron, W Moon, F Moon 1983

Bolts in middle of wall right of TT unclimbed.

Tas 26 21 12m
Sharp arete below thin yellow bloodgum. Starts right of arete. Originally known as "Final Touch" but renamed after estimates from (unnamed) Tasmanians that 'it looks 26'. Up wall, 2 BRs, gain arete, BR, then to top.
FA: B Cameron, N Smith 05/1982, FFA: W Moon, F Moon, 06/1982
Flying Pickets 21 10m
Some good moves, small wires needed. Up Airstrike, left at 3/4 height.
T Williams, second unknown 1986
Airstrike 21 10m
Wall to left of start for AC. Is often top-roped. Up wall (BR).
S Moon, second unknown 1983

Behind the collection of large boulders, a small corner in black rock immediately below PM crack leads to the start of the first pitch of AC. The flakes lead to the start of PM and access ledge.

I'd Rather be Cable Skiing 16 10m
Below ferns, crack just to right. Short. Up wall (2 BRs) to tree.
C Bennett, R Le Breton, M Hall 1986
New Sensations 16 25m
The crack traversing AD wall at 2/3 height. A fair traverse.
R Le Breton, C Bennett, A Mason 1985-07
Powder Finger 21 17m
Immediately behind end of large boulders, left end of greyish wall, below largish Grey Gum. A nice wall but a slippery crux move. Up to BR, then to break, slightly right to pockets, up to BR then to top.
B Cameron, W Moon 1982-06
Synthax Error 21 17m
Start as for PF. A contrived route but with some good moves. Up wall, move right at BR, up to BR plus break, up as for PF.
P Matysek, T Williams 1984-12
Adrenalin Deficiency 19 17m
About 2m right of PF, just left of Grey Gum. Wall has 0.3m overlap at about 2/3 height. A nice climb on thin holds. Up to FH then to break, over lip BR and up wall to left. SLCDs required.
W Moon (self-belayed) 1982-04
The Toxic Avenger 21 17m
2 to 3m right of AD. Very thin. Up wall past break and 2 BRs to BB.
R Le Breton, M Klien, C Bennett 1987
Geriatric Gymnast 20 17m
At right hand end of wall, just left of rockslide. Some good moves, harder than it looks. Up the wall to BR then to BB.
F Moon, B Cameron 1981
Cosmo's Tasmanian Deviltry 19 10m
Finger crack in middle of wall, immediately below C, small orange/yellow cave at right of start. Don't ask what the name means!
N Smith, R McMahon, T Williams 1988-05
Inconclusion 16 10m
A 2m square block below start. Fair.
R McMahon, N Smith, T Williams 1982-05
Last Grasp 18 10m
Rotten looking groove on nose. Cave at 1/2 height. Fun, but not much protection.
T Williams, N Smith, R McMahon 1982-05
Inspiration Crack 13 10m
Thin diagonal crack 2m right of corner, immediately above two Turpentine trees. A nice little route.
W Moon, P Chalkley 1979
Pox 17 12m
Left of double cracks up sort of nose. Small sandy cave at bottom.
W Moon, J Smoothy 1980
Artist Crack 17 12m
Right of double cracks, 2m left of large Bloodwood. Some good jambing.
W Moon, P Chalkley 1980
Tungsten Tips 22 12m
Start on the overhanging orange wall on the right as you enter the Gorge cliffs. A good route that remained the hardest climb for many years. Up thin crack (2 BRs plus SLCDs).
W Moon, B Cameron 1980

Upper Cliff

All starts level with top belay tree of AC.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side 16 40m
Start in cave directly above KC. 1. 10m Up to BB, BR en route. 2. 30m Up the black section to crack, continue to tree.
B Cameron, W Moon 1983-10
Eagles Exit 16 7m
Just behind belay tree of AC. Very short. Up thin crack.
W Moon, F Moon, B Cameron 1980
Ape Flake 13 16m
From top of AC follow ledge (dangerous) for approximately 15 metres to orange flake. Exposed climbing on good rock. 1. 10m Up to flake. 2. 6m Over roof to tree.
W Moon, B Cameron, M Clements 1979
Twentieth Century 17 10m
Reasonable. Up arete left of AF, clip bolt with stick, BB.
R Le Breton, A Mason 1985
Cumbac Crack 15 30m
Above AF, the crack to the left. No-one has yet! Up crack, few details known.
S Moon, W Moon 1982-04
Crack of Value 17 16m
1m right of AF. A nice little climb, finger locks all the way. Up crack. Tree belay.
W Moon, F Moon, B Cameron 1982
Assistance 16 15m
On wall right of CoV. Nice climbing. Up groove/crack to roof, left over roof then up to tree belay.
B Cameron, P Chalkley 1981
Carolines Crack 13 15m
Jagged crack just right of A. Beginners delight. Up the crack.
B Cameron, P Chalkley 1981
Chicken in a Casket 17 10m
Roof/crack/blocks above abseil tree above S ie four-pronged Bloodwood. "Best be a chicken, and you won't finish up in a casket!" Up the horror show.
T Williams, second unknown 1984

North Side

The first outcrop when you enter the Gorge.

Little Ripper 16 7m
At the cave/roof above the track, down from roof on D, as you enter the Gorge. Direct start is about 19.
W Moon, B Moon 1981
Dog 18 8m
As for VM, start in cave. "It's bound to bite you!" Scramble up from rock platform near LR. Out along roof, lip, crack to tree.
W Moon, B Cameron 1980
Virgin Mary 14 8m
The wide crack on the north as the Gorge is entered, about 30m up from creek, crack is left of roof of D. Rather pointless. Up crack to left.
F Moon, B Cameron 1980

Mt Portal

Accessible from the network of tracks on the valley rim. No recorded routes.

Tunnel Valley Lookout

Accessible from the network of tracks on the valley rim. No recorded routes.