Funnelweb Gulch



A rather creepy crag, with bizarre rock and huge boulders / pinnacles towering over a small shady gully. Because it faces south and is hidden down in a gully, the crag is freezing in winter, and probably also in summer! This crag is possibly used by the Camp Somerset Outdoor Ed school for guiding, The crag is off the road on the left hand side, the only colo crag where you wont get hit by cars. Parking for two or three cars only tho.There are some u-bolts and loweroffs visible as you drive past, no details known.


To get there, drive out along Putty Rd (past Windsor) until you get to the Colo River bridge. Turn left onto the Upper Colo Rd and head west (as for Cracks Corner). At 13kms, take the right hand turn off into Colo Heights Rd and cross the river. Head straight uphill (ignoring the turn off to the left Hulbert road) for 600mtrs until you reach an obvious right hand turn across a gully, with huge boulder on the left, park here.

A Brush With Stardom 25 12m
On left hand side of first boulder. Dodgy bolts, filthy rock and a cliff hugging tree make this one the dream of all aspiring hardmen! Some of the bolts are hidden by accumulated pine needles.

The following 5 climbs are on the right hand side and back of the boulder.

Battle The Bulge 17 9m
Starts on right side of bolder at base of turpintine tree, strait up past 3 rings to DRBB over edge.
C.Martin J.Leel 10/11/2012
Unknown A 16 8m
2 meters right of BTB, up to first u bolt then vere right past 1 u bolt then further right to DUBB
Unknown B 21 7m
Start 2 meters right of unkown A, crux move to first u bolt ( stick clip) strait up past another u bolt then on to shared DUBB with unkown A
Unknown C 10 7m
3 meter right of unknown B, on corner, 2 BRs to DBB over edge.
Unkown D 12 9m
Start 4 meters right of unknown C on back of boulder, middle of slab, follow 3 BRs to DBB over edge shared with unknown C
Great Vibrating Arete 26 12m
Directly behind first boulder, at left hand end of blank wall. Follow three u bolts that tend left up the arete, finish at DUBB.
Terrible Thomson Twins 24 12m
1m right of GVA. 5 dodgy BRs up desperate looking blank wall.
Cement Sack Crack 23 10m
6m right of TTT. Up the right tending cheese grater crack.
A ?? 10m
On small ledge 10m right of CSC. Up the overhanging offwidth past 3 dodgy BRs.
B ?? 10m
Below A, 3m left of cave. Up slab and right to u bolt above crack. Crank and dangle right out the severely overhanging arete past 2 more u bolts, finish at DUBB.
Hair of the Dog 19? 15m
10m right of the cave in the middle of the blank slab. Meander up the desperate looking, filthy blank slab, passing 6 dodgy BRs.
C ?? 10m
10 right of HotD. Up the sickle shaped crack.