This is a shorter but more acceptable outrider to the Breadknife. The next but small bluff along from the Butterknife (i.e. south).

Sickle 14 39m
An impressive curving corner as seen from the Butterknife. START:At cairn 15m right of Scythe. 1. 18m. Poor rock for 6m then up the water-worn line on hard black rock to small ledge. 2. 21m (crux). Right to overhang then up curving corner - delicate.
John Ewbank/Alec Campbell, Feb. 1967
Scythe 14 51m
"Short, pleasant and a good warm-up for trachyte." START:A cairn below a steep black wall which runs into large roofs at about 25m. 1. 18m (crux). Up on slick rock then move right onto perched blocks, finally up to small ledge. 2. 33m. Good, strong, sharp holds to below roofs. Right 9m then follow the roofs around and up the corner.
John Ewbank/Alec Campbell, Feb. 1967.