Cliffs up to 15m high


All the routes probably need cleaning, most of them have only had one or two ascents, so grades may vary. Also there may still be some loose holds. All the fixed gear is glue-ins, and stainless. There is potential for some excellent routes here. Be very discreet and minimise your impact while climbing here - this crag may be on private property.


Find Crosslands Rd, off Galston Rd. If coming from Hornsby go through the gorge and turn right at the top. Drive north to the end (about 6km), park just before the road winds down the hill to the Conference Centre, there is a sign here saying private road from this point, and no public access to river. The Conference Centre often have their rubbish bins here. Step over logs and follow a fire trail north along the ridge top. Take the right hand trail after about 400m and follow it to the clifftop (about another 200m). Descent is possible at either end, but the end closer to the carpark is best. Climbs described left to right, facing the cliff.

Pipsqueak 13 5m
Short crack from ledge on descent route.
Julian Anderson (solo) 1999
* * Life in the Bus Lane 23 10m
First route on main wall. The start has become harder since a hold broke. Up flake line then right and up on pockets. 4 BRs to lower offs. An excellent route.
Julian Anderson 2001
Open Project #1 ?? 10m
6m right of LitBL. Cleaned, top roped and drilled by Julian, but he never got around to equipping it.
Open Project #2 ?? 10m
2m right of OP1. Cleaned, top roped and drilled by Julian, but he never got around to equipping it. 1 BR.
Nasty 16 6m
Short slab climb at right end of main wall. 2RB to lower-off
Kevin Van Tilburg, 2009
Less than Nasty 10 12m
Start 1m right of Nasty. Up blocks to corner.Then up slab following RB's to lower-off.
R Wills, 2009
Short Corner 6 6m
Up the short corner! (Forms lower part of Less than Nasty)
Stuart Preston (solo)
One Hit Wonder 16 12m
Up over block. One hard move from block then up slab to lower-off
Kevin Van Tilburg, 2009
John West Reject 10 10m
Up blocks onto ledge, bouldery move then up slab.
Julian Anderson (solo) 1999
* Split Enzo 13 10m
The obvious crack. Good climbing, good gear.
Julian Andersen, Stuart Preston, Jim McMillan 2000
Youth Enhanced 21 10m
1m right of SE. 4 BRs to tree.
Julian Anderson 2001
* Mind Quest 18 9m
R Wills, 5 July 2009
Age Impaired 22? 15m
10m right of YE. Up shallow arete and corner past 2 BRs. Go left (crux) to mantle. #2.5 friend, then up small corner to ledge (BR). Up slab to tree.
Julian Anderson 2001
Exterior Expectations 19 15m
4m right of AI. Onto ledge past BR, then left up slab past 3 more BRs to tree.
Julian Andersen, Jim McMillan 2000
Feral Fashions 18 15m
Start as for EE. At ledge go right and straight up wall past 4 or so BRs to BB.
Julian Anderson 2000
It's Only Natural 12 15m
Up the chimney, and thrutch to glory. Take big gear.

The next routes are 10m right past big sandy cave.

Possum Hollow 15 12m
Up wall to RB, then onto ledge, go left and up wall to top. wires and cams.
Julian Andersen, Marcus Andersen 2000
Green With Envy 14 12m
Start as for PH. Right up shallow corner to top. Wires and cams.
Julian Andersen, Marcus Andersen 2000

The following climbs are located at the northern end of the crag.

A Little Problematic 16 8m
Kevin Van Tilburg, Feb 2009
Problematic Voiding 12 9m
R Wills, Feb 2009
Across The Void 12 8m
R Wills, Feb 2009