Camerons Rocks



These are a set of three small crags, of which only one can be seen from the road. They are the first crags you pass as you drive into the valley; however, they are probably noticed more as you drive up out of the valley. They are on the eastern side of the road, approximately two-thirds up the valley side. Five minutes walk from the road brings you to the first crag. The other two are located immediately behind the first in another small valley. All crags are about twenty metres high and about seventy-five metres wide. The rock is more granitic than the major crags. They are also of poorer quality. The surface layer is highly weathered and friable. It is, therefore, recommended that before a new route is attempted, the party abseil down the line and clean the rock - with a hammer.

Dud 8 13m
Done on a wet Sunday. Obvious groove/crack at far left end of crag.
B. Cameron, B. Hamilton March 1982