Burnum Burnum

7 minutes



An extensive moderate bouldering area stretching over several hundred meters on the west side of Tudar Road. Lots of vertical walls and the occasional steep plaything. Quite popular if the chalk is any indication to go by. Many of the problems are highballs so bring a mat (or two). A good spot!


Park at the T intersection of Tudar Road and Madison Place in Bonnet Bay. A trail starts opposite madison Place at the Community Fire Trailer next to the wooden Bonnet Bay sign. Follow this trail up for about 50m and follow the smaller Ledge Trail that goes straight ahead (not the main trail that swings right). After another 250m odd, you'll come across a small rock plateau on your left with a small (1m cliff ) below it, at the end of this plateau the trail turns right then left. At the right hand turn in the trail look to your left and you'll see a sizable cairn. Go off trail here, scramble down, and off to your right is the first section. Scramble further around and you'll come across the second section. Follow the trail and you'll come across the final section.