Birdwood Gully


Little is known about this crag other than what Breezy has submitted on ACA. He writes... "There is some OK routes here and bouldering. The carrots are around 10-12 years old, so use common sense. Also be aware many many people bushwalk through this area and it is just below residential housing, no swearing, boom boxes or being a d**k." If you know anything about these routes please let us know.


Located in Birdwood Gully, Springwood

Routes are described left to right.

B1 21 10m
Left most route.
B2 21 10m
No details
B3 15 10m
No details
B4 26 10m
No details
B6 24 10m
What happened to B5?
The Gym Hold Route 22 10m
The Gym Hold Route Direct 24 10m
The Surfboard Route 23 10m
Choice of two finishes.