Above the Boat

Crag faces north



Finally - an Akuna Bay crag actually located at Akuna Bay!


Drive down to the Akuna Bay Marina and park in the large carpark. The bouldering is located on three distinct tiers on the hillside above the marina. Do NOT boulder on the overhang just above the carpark - access is already delicate enough. To get to tier 1, head up the hill for about 70m directly above the carpark overhang. At a large burnt out tree head diagonally left for another 25m or so to the crag. To get to tier 2, find a vague track to the left of the carpark overhangs and follow it directly up the hill for about 200m. It's also possible to get to the crag directly from tier 1, by following the dry creek directly up the hill. To get to tier 3, wander to the left hand end of tier 2 and head up the hill for another 70m or so.